In the third story from the “Our City, Our Stories” project, we hear from Rose Oliphant and Debra Frazier.  Rose and Debra are housing activists who helped create Friends and Residents of Arthur Capper and Carrollsburg.

The stories from this project are currently airing as a series on WAMU's Metro Connection.  With funding from the Humanities Council of Washington, DC, SpeakeasyDC has been collecting stories on tape from across the city. We are excited to share the third of four audio documentaries in this series.

This story was produced by Sam Greenspan, along with SpeakeasyDC's Creative Executive Director Amy Saidman, and series editor Shea Shackelford.  Sam is a DC-based radio producer and media educator. His work have been featured on WAMU 88.5, Pacifica Radio, and community radio stations across the country.  Amy Narrates this story.    

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